Kid's Beginner Bike Clinic at the Zip

Helping kids get introduced to mountain biking - basic safety & skills, with skills course and guided ride.

Dates and Times

Thursday, May 30, 2024
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Free Public Event

The incredible Val Foley, bike instructor extraordinaire, will be leading a beginner mountain bike clinic for kids. Topics include:

-Bicycle & personal safety

-Positioning and balance

-Proper steering and brake use

-Skills course and trail ride

We'll guide kids through a skills course (cones, skinnies, teeter-totter), progressively more challenging but always safe and supported by LAMBO volunteers.

Finally, we'll wrap up with a guided ride on the Sue trails, our beginner trails (0.5 mile each) that include some fun features. 

This is the same night as the LAMBO group ride that starts at 6 pm. Kids and families are welcome to join the ride and discover more of the Zip trail system. 

While this is geared toward beginner kids ages 5-12, parents of kids (and even adults that are kids at heart) are welcome to join in to learn basic skills and get a low pressure intro to the local trails.

Despite her certifications, expertise and awesome style with kids, Val is offering to run this clinic at no cost. We do ask for a donation towards LAMBO to support our local trail building efforts. 

Follow us on Facebook for updates. This will take place at the Zip trail system.