The InSayner Adventure Mountain Bike and eBike Race

23 or 50+ Miles of Rugged Adventure Racing!

Dates and Times

Saturday, June 8, 2024
8:00 am - 9:00 am


Distance:: 23 Miles & 50+ Mile Course


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2023 Results

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2022 Results and Photos

2022 InSayner Results

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On Site Registration Opens at 8 AM, closes at 9:30.

InSayner Mountain BIke Race Short, 20(ish) Mile Course

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InSayner Mountain BIke Race Long, 50(ish) Mile Course

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The InSayner is a backwoods, adventure mountain bike race that takes place in the depths of Northern Wisconsin's beautiful (sometimes treacherous) Northern Highland American Legion State Forest and there are 3 routes available to racers.

23-Mile Backwoods Biking Adventure

Ride snowmobile trails, sweet stretches of downhills, an old ski hill run, logging roads, gravel roads, a small stretch of blacktop, and a few other surprises that may dampen an average riders spirit. NOT YOU though!! 

The InSayner will be a challenging, but fun race that to the bitter end will throw you an occasional gut punch. But this is how legends are born! What kind of bike you ask? Ha Ha Ha Ha wouldn’t you like to know! But know this: one bike's advantage won’t last forever. 

The race starts in the town of Sayner at the Community Center and travels down snowmobile trails to Musky Mountain. The route continues down Plum Vitae Road to another snowmobile trail. This hits Vandercook road a few times before continuing to Klondike Road and on to Ross Lake Road before following snowmobile trails back to the finish.

50+ Torture on a Bike - as described here by race directors Mike and Danny

So you’re one of THOSE people!  The 25ish isn’t enough?  You think you're better than that, don’t you?  Well, I’m not holding my breath.  Pull up your britches, cuz this isn’t your daddies after dinner ride!! 

Then adventure is what you'll get, so saddle up, you're headed in deep!  And don’t count on any race support! You had the chance to sign up for the short race, the 25ish.  Maybe you should re-think your decision, buttercup? 

Is something watching you, you wonder? As you struggle your way through the woods? Oh yes. Make no mistake about it. Don’t ask us what it is though. We do not speak its name.  Just hammer those hills and don’t get off your bike because it can sense fear - shed a tear and it’s over.  You best not even think about giving up!

People say whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Nope. That doesn’t apply here.  Have you heard about Suicide Hill?  Most people descend’re a “Privileged Rider” though, and you get to go UP it!  Mash those pedals and quit yer whining because this is NOT an all day event. YOU have a cut off to make, otherwise it’s black top for you!

50+ eBike Race

The eBike Race will follow the same route as the Long Race. So, that's at least 50 miles! Do you think you and your eBike will be up to the challenge? Well, before you get too excited, make sure you understand our rules for eBikes.

  • eBike must be class 1, peddle assist (no throttles).
  • As class 1, bikes should not exceed 20mph.
  • Bikers are allowed to carry one extra battery.
  • eBike racers will start first, and will not be racing against traditional (analog) mountain bikes.

If this looks good to you, we would be happy to take your money. After all, it's a fund raiser for building mountain bike trails at Musky Mountain!

You've been warned and you still didn’t listen.  I hope pain and agony is your forte!  If you don’t make it and cross over to the other side, say hello to my grandparents.  Remember, you chose this.  No cursing, and don’t forget to sign the waiver.

Yours truly, Danny and Mike O., The InSayner Race Directors, 2022

And here is the fine print: 

  • You are on your own.
  • GPS is required.
  • In the event of an emergency call 911.
  • The short route will be marked. 
  • The long route will be marked less.
  • eBikes can carry one extra battery.
  • eBikes must be pedal assist and can not have a throttle.

Visit our Photo Gallery for photos from the 2021 InSayner

Race Details

2021 Results (short race only - 23 miles)