Posted: January 04, 2021
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Last Saturday the Lakeland Area Mountain Biking Organization (LAMBO) hosted its 3rd annual Fat Bike Biathlon at Shannon Lake Trail in St. Germain. The event includes a 10-mile course specifically groomed for smooth winter fat biking, along with a Cornhole Toss that reduced overall time by one minute per successful toss. This Biathlon is truly one of a kind and drew participants in from surrounding areas and as far as Tennessee. “I’d drive anywhere for a fat bike race,” said a participant who drove in from Green Bay that morning. Registrations doubled in size from last year and an impressive 30% were women. Ages ranged from under 19 to over 60. 

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“Excellent set up for the course and the best grooming, which was no easy task with our lack of snow in the Northwoods!” declared the overall male winner, Scott Golomski from Rhinelander. Local resident Terri Howard, a winner at last year’s Fat Bike Birkie and familiar face on the fat bike race circuit, was the overall female winner.

This event promotes winter fat biking in the Lakeland area and raises funds for LAMBO to build, maintain and groom bike trails in the local community. “The weather was fantastic, the course held up well and there was positive feedback from both racers and fans alike. And it will only get better in 2022!”, said event director Mike Olkowski.

Enclosed are the category results for the 2021 Fatathlon. The time shown is your ride time adjusted with a 1 minute time reduction for each bag you holed.  

Women's 40-49

1st.   Rebecca Tuley @ 1:02:33

2nd. Dayna Hillsberg @ 1:07:31

3rd.  Jennifer Chaudoir @ 1:08:35

Women's 50-59

1st. Terri Howard @ 59:50(overall winner)

2nd. Pam Wiese @ 1:30:38

Women's 60+

1st. Val Foley @ 1:10:30

Men's U-19

1st. Carter Johnson @ 58:16 

Men's 20-29

1st. Aidan Olkowski @ 52:42

2nd. David Schrot @ 55:56

3rd. Benjamin Groddy @ 1:02:49

Men's 30-39

1st. Scott Golomski @ 43:06(overall winner)

2nd. Spencer Rietz @ 53:54

3rd.   Aaron Ruff @ 54:24

Men's 40-49

1st. Jon Lester @ 43:10

2nd. Ryan Jones @ 47:19

3rd. Nick Pitterle @ 52:49

Men's 50-59 

1st. Jahn Martin @ 50:28

2nd. Thomas Flagel @ 1:02:39

3rd .  Dan McKissack @ 1:09:06

Men's 60+

1st. Mike "Big Air" Johnson @ 59:32

LAMBO is responsible for the Zip trail system just south of Minocqua, the Raven trail at Clear Lake, Shannon Lake and more. The Zip Mountain Bike Trail and Shannon Lake Trails are groomed regularly for winter fat biking and are free and open to the public, although donations are appreciated. A 1 and 2 mile snowshoe trail is now open at the Zip as well. For more information please visit and follow us on Facebook/LamboRiders for trail condition updates.

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Dan Trapp attempts a corn hole toss to reduce his race time by 1 minute.

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