Posted: November 15, 2020
Win Man Check

LAMBO volunteers put in several hundred hours of hard work at WinMan this summer, helping Travis Bellman Home and Trails cut and refine a brand new trail segment called LAMBO spur. Our first visit included nearly a dozen volunteers who spent the day crashing through the brush and fending off mosquitos to clear trees, brush and bamboo to make way for the new trail. This was followed by many work sessions to pack the trail, build features, remove rocks, and build in erosion control systems. It was a fantastic partnership between WinMan Trails, Travis Bellman and LAMBO volunteers who know all about what it takes to build some epic mountain bike trails. In exchange for the hard work WinMan donated generously to the LAMBO trail building funds. The funds will go toward trail expansion at the Zip planned for 2021! We are always looking for more volunteers and additional funding. Please visit our Join/Donate page to learn more.

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