Posted: January 31, 2024
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The Musky Mountain trail system has been a dream of LAMBO's for many years. Ever since LAMBO folks first hiked the terrain in the area and the idea first began percolating, the club has been working hard toward making it a reality. And now we need YOUR help. Please become a trail supporter.

For full details: Lambo Musky Mountain Story 2023 Pdf

First, the necessary collaboration with the DNR to establish the Land Use Agreement. Then, mapping out a serious trail system taking full advantage of the terrain while also offering something for everyone - flow for beginner and intermediate with technical single track and epic features for more advanced riders. It needed to be something big and awesome, to become a destination for mountain biking, a draw for mountain bikers from all over the Midwest.

Then, working with not just any trail builder, but a master trail builder, who not only had the vision and expertise, but the passion that matched the passion of LAMBO. Luckily, we had Travis Bellman on board, with Travis Bellman Home and Trails, a master builder who's been all over the US building segments at epic mountain bike destinations.

Now, the hard part. The money. This isn't cheap. A decent 15-mile trail system can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. We've been working hard with Travis to negotiate the costs by offering volunteer work where at all possible. Still, we will need to raise $350,000 over the next few years to make this happen.

We are making progress. Through fundraising events, awesome donors, business members, raffles and more, we've raised over $45,000 to pay for the first installment of phase 1 - the first 5 miles were completed in October, 2023. 

The trail system is happening! It's not a pipe dream anymore, it's real. We're building it. And we've got everything mapped out for the rest of the trail system. And, most importantly, we have some of the most dedicated volunteers and believers ever. It will happen.

Read more: Lambo Musky Mountain Story 2023 Pdf

But we can't do it without you. Please consider donating, every little bit helps. Or, do you have contacts with potential businesses or super donors? We'd love to pitch our dream and our progress.

Opportunities for donations:

  • Donate whatever you can, even just a few bucks. It adds up!
  • Become a Musky Mountain Trail Sponsor - your name will be showcased at the trailhead
    • -Bronze Level - $500
    • -Silver  - $1000
    • -Gold - $2500
    • -Platinum - $5000
  • Get in on a Trail Segment Name - $10,000
  • Get in on a full Trail Name - $50,000

Ways to make donations:

  • Through the Donation link at the top of this page
  • By check: LAMBO PO Box 2106, Woodruff, WI, 54568

We'll happily work with any donations or any offers to match fundraising efforts. Please email us or call 715-600-2961 for more information.

For full details: Lambo Musky Mountain Story 2023 Pdf

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Donations can also be mailed to:
Lakeland Area Mountain Bike Organization
PO Box 2106
Woodruff, WI 54568