Posted: August 22, 2023
Trail To Pump Track Map

We've added some short trails from Sue 2 to the pump track, the main trail of which can be used to drop in or climb out of the pump track. A short trail splits from the main trail and is a straight shot down into the pump track, ending with jump over 2 double - this one we recommend as downhill only!

Split From Sue 2
A view from Sue 2 - to the right is Spider Pig and to the left is the new trail down to the pump track.
Trail Exit South Of Pump Track
The main trail exits just south of the pump track. This is also the trail to climb back up to Sue 2.

Gallery Images

The main trail is a smooth, sloping trail with a few berms and one table top that you can easily go around. Halfway down (or up) there is the secondary steep downhill trail into the pump track.

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