Posted: July 02, 2022
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Early morning clouds seemed to be clearing up during the InSayner setup and we had high hopes for the day! Milky Way served breakfast and coffee while volunteers set up the course, registration, post-race food and beer, raffle items and merchandise. With pre-registered racers approaching 100 we anticipated a crowd. Unfortunately at race start the rain started! And what a mud fest it was on the course! 

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Racers face the rain and keep on going….with no idea just how muddy it’s gonna get!

Racers were determined! 63 racers took to the short course and 11 took on the long course. Four racers had to drop out of the short course for mechanical reasons and 6 racers had to drop out of the long race because of time. Top finishers included Gerard Lauzon for the short course and Maria Statz on the long course. Race results are available here

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The InSayner wrapped up the 3 event Ravens Challenge.

We had lots of people on the course taking photos. Laurie Smith was parked at the creek crossing and got one of everyone! Be sure to check out the Photo Gallery to see photos from the event.

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We want to thank all of our sponsors, donors, participants, volunteers and supporters. All funds raised will go to support Musky Mountain Trails. 

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