Posted: November 20, 2020
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It’s transition time, from summer mountain biking to winter fat biking and trail conditions will vary greatly due to shifts in temperatures. Below freezing conditions help keep the trail hard and super rideable, but thawing temps during the day can make it a slippery, muddy mess, even without any rain at all! As the ground thaws it releases moisture that has no place to go.

What does that mean for the Zip and riding? Ride on! But pay attention and be smart. Ride early in the morning while the ground is still frozen. Ride a fat tire bike to minimize slippage on mud and ice and to prevent damaging the trails. If you’re leaving ruts, please stop and come back after a cold spell.

We plan to leave the trail open and trust our riders to make the right decision! And as always, help us continue to build, maintain and groom awesome trails in the Lakeland area! Please consider donating, joining and otherwise supporting the Lakeland Area Mountain Bike Organization at

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