Posted: May 24, 2021
Group In The Road

Volunteers took to the race course this weekend to mark the course and check conditions. It's definitely gonna be a tough ride!

Danny looks kind tired. Only 13 more miles to go.

The course has some big hills to climb and some big hills to roll down (and try not to go over your handlebars). There are old snowmobile trails and logging roads, some buried in mud and water.

20210522 100701
Top of Musky Mountain!

But you'll get some breaks on gravel road and even a short stretch of paved road. It ain't all bad. But plan to get wet!

20210522 110414

Below are more photos. This is prime territory for mountain bike trails. The InSayner is the first of many fundraisers to come to support LAMBO's efforts to build a trail system in this are, with plans to break ground in 2022.

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