Posted: March 07, 2021
Pump Track

The Lakeland Area Mountain Bike Organization is adding to the local Zip mountain bike trail in a big way this summer by building a Pump Track for all skill levels and bike types. Adding this feature to the trail system and making it available to the community has been a goal for LAMBO for several years and is now getting traction thanks to new fundraising efforts.

A pump track is series of small hills, rollers and banked turns arranged as a circuit and designed in such a way that it can be ridden without pedaling, but rather by ‘pumping’ your bike to propel yourself forward. But it is also something more basic than that. It’s an introduction to a wide range of simple features that frequently make up typical mountain bike trails but arranged together here in a smaller and safer space. It is a perfect way for new riders to get familiar with handling a bike on a packed dirt trail that ebbs and flows and turns. It teaches them not to be afraid of the bike or the trail and offers a high amount of fun at a low level of risk. Pump tracks build skill, improve balance and coordination, enhance stamina and core strength, and offer another great way to spend quality outdoor time with family and friends.  

The LAMBO Pump Track has at its core a popular and proven pump track design and will be built upon materials to maintain the quality of the features and the integrity of the base. Its location allows for future expansion with more advanced features and epic connections to the existing Zip trails. Plans include picnic tables and a fire pit to encourage families to hang out together while kids and adults alike take some laps on the track.

So far LAMBO has raised 20% of the anticipated $25,000 needed for funding this new addition. A fundraising drive is kicking of this month to raise the additional 15K needed and we hope you can help! Please consider donating now. Every little bit helps! Remember, this will be open to the public and free to use, with something for all riders!

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