Posted: July 24, 2023
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In November 2020 we posted news that we were working on a trail system in the Musky Mountain area. We had hoped to start building in 2021...and then again in 2022....but final approvals and and fundraising for Phase 1 took a bit longer than expected. 

We are excited to announce, though, that Phase 1 trail building has officially started! Several of us were on-site yesterday at Musky Mountain to celebrate and cheer on none other than Travis Bellman, with Travis Bellman Home and Trails, trail-builder extraordinaire and long time LAMBO activist. Many of the trials in the area, including the Zip, Fern Ridge and Copper Harbor, are thanks to Travis, so we are very excited to have him part of our newest system.

More about the new Musky Mountain Trail system

The LAMBO Trails at Musy Mountain will be a national destination mountain biking trail system. The trails will provide a year-round experience for all ages, skills and abilities while keeping the community and environment in focus. We do this to promote healthy lifestyles, benefit our community, and for people to get outside and enjoy Wisconsin's great Northwoods.

Many locals know the site as Mus-Ski Mountain, the name of a downhill skiing operation that operated from 1957 to 1970. LAMBO intends to honor the site’s storied past by naming a series of downhill runs after the names of the ski runs that were located at the site. The landform’s actual name, as indicated by the USGS marker from 1956, has always been Musky Mountain.

It is located in between Boulder Junction and Sayner, just off of Hwy N on Plum Vitae Rd. The site is in close proximity to Crystal Lake Campground, Musky Lake Campground, and will be accessible from the amazing Heart of Vilas County paved trail network that runs from St. Germain to Sayner to Boulder Junction to Manitowish Waters, to Winchester, and even all the Way to Mercer. In fact, riders will be able to ride from Musky Mountain to WinMan Trails in Winchester in under an hour.

With the amazing terrain, dedicated volunteers, and talented builders and designers all working on the project, the LAMBO Trails at Musky Mountain will certainly stand out as a destination for riders of all types. But the goal is not to stand alone. The LAMBO Trails at Musky Mountain will be a part of a regional collection of great mountain biking trails that will make Northern Wisconsin a premier destination for Mountain Biking.

Without doubt, the best part is the terrain. The glaciers left behind amazing landforms. The site has hummocky moraines, moraine embankments, debris outflow deposits (great material for trail surfaces), recessional moraines, deep kettles, long meandering eskers (fun ridge lines) and a great ratio of climbs to downhills.

The Wisconsin DNR has allocated 15 miles of mountain biking trails for this area, and LAMBO is going to start with a five mile loop that will show off all the features the glaciers left us. We hope to groom for winter fat biking as well.

We have a great start, but to keep this project moving forward we will be launching a capital campaign as well as seeking funding from various grant opportunities. So, we are asking for your help. Whatever you can do to help move this project forward will be greatly appreciated. Of course, financial donations are very welcome. But if you have organizational, fundraising, or grant writing skills, we would love to have your help. Please email us at or call 715-600-2961.

Thank you for helping LAMBO expand mountain biking opportunities in Northern Wisconsin.

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