...because LAMBO rocks!

LAMBO also runs great events like the Minocqua Triathlon, LAMBO-RAMA, Fatbikes By Candlelight, the Rip, Zip and Sip and Bike for Heart.

We are a diverse group of individuals with a lot of interests beyond mountain biking. So you're bound to find someone you like hanging out with. Where else are you going to find such cool people to geek out about mountain biking with?

...because trail building rocks!

One of the best feelings (other than riding a sweet line) is looking back on a beautiful new trail, knowing that mountain bikers are going to have a great time riding a sweet line you made!

Those bikers are going to be all like, "Who made that sweet trail? That was totally rad and I am going to hike back up and ride it again!"

If you don't believe us, look at the picture
of the guy here on the left.
He's totally happy.

So, if you are looking for fame and gratitude and more fun than should be legal, get involved with the Lakeland Area Mountain Biking Organization. You won't regret it!

...because mountain biking rocks!

We like mountain biking. You like mountain biking. So lets ride!