Posted: April 29, 2021
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The Lakeland Area Mountain Bike Organization (LAMBO) is excited to introduce a new race to its line-up!  The InSayner joins the Fatathlon (January) and the Rip, Zip and Sip (February) as the third leg in a LAMBO Triple Crown.  Slated for June 12th, the InSayner promises to be an adventure!  The race begins in the town of Sayner and racers can expect 23 miles of snowmobile trails, logging roads, gravel roads, blacktop and stretches of downhill single track. This sometimes grueling course also has a few surprises in store. Weather will dictate what type of bike riders should plan on using, but with the varied terrain, an advantage on one part of the course might be a disadvantage on another.  

Event coordinators Dan Trapp, Mike Olkowski and Perry Smith have been working closely with the Plum Lake Town Board. The board has been “absolutely 100% supportive,” says Mike Olkowski, “they are completely behind our efforts.” The Plum Lake/Sayner area is excited about a new event coming to town.

Mus Ski Mountian

LAMBO’s plan is for the ride to expand in future years to longer distances with this year’s 23-mile course being the “short” course. Proceeds from the race are earmarked for the development of trails at the site of an old ski hill, Mus-ski Mountain west of Sayner. The topography of Mus-ski Mountain is perfect for the 15 miles of fun and flowy single track trails that the club has planned for the site. The Mus-ski Mountain trail system will be an excellent addition to the four other sites maintained by the club (Zip Trails, Shannon Lake, Raven Trails and Schlecht Lake).  

Wisconsin DNR recently loosened restrictions allowing the club to expand the number of racers from 40 to 75.  All registration is being done online, with no in person registration. Check-in starts at 8:30, race starts at 10:00. The entry fee is $35.00.

If you enjoy a challenging and fun adventure, make sure to put the InSayner, June 12th on your calendar!

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